THE BARNES FOUNDATION: @barnesfoundation is an absolutely insane collection of art from some of the the founding artists of modern art; Renior, Seurat, Cezanne, van Gogh, and Picasso to name a few. It's almost overwhelming to get a grasp of what you are looking at. I suggest instead of focusing on the art, first look at the names on the frames. Once you grasp what you are surrounded by then look at the art. Be sure to research the history of the architecture of the building inside and out. Also be sure to research the history of the collection.


POSE WITH ROCKY: After you are done visiting the Love Statue at @loveparkphillytake a trip down the parkway and visit Rocky at the @philamuseum . When you are done getting a picture raising your hands in victory head up the steps and stand in his footprints. ADDDRRRRIIIIIAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!!!


NATIONAL LIBERTY MUSEUM: @nationallibertymuseum is a museum focusing on the people that dedicated their lives towards fighting for social justice, equality and liberty for everyone. It was incredibly moving especially with what we are dealing with in today's society. Please make a visit to this museum and read the stories of those that fought for the less fortunate in the hopes that we all live in equality.


MUTTER MUSEUM: Another spot I was looking forward to visiting since creating the list. The @muttermuseum is home to a collection of medical history. Be prepared to be shocked and amazed about what the human body can do and endure. Unfortunately there was no photography allowed in the actual museum, which is frustrating to a photog like myself. All these images were taken just outside the main museum. So go for yourself and witness what The Mutter Museum has to offer. Don't forget to visit the garden on your way out.


MOORE COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN: Hey everyone! It's been a bit but I'm back! Today I'm bringing you a spot I have been looking forwarding to checking out since I made the list. Thank you @july4thphilly to adding it to your free museums. @moorecollegeart is the first and only visual arts college for women in the United States. It offers a small gallery with great pieces from featured artists and alumni. It's located by the parkway so it would make a great stop if you are gallery hopping through the Art Museum and Barnes Foundation.


VISIT THE LOVE PARK STATUE: A must do for anyone visiting Philly. Your trip is not complete without a picture underneath the LOVE statue. Created by Robert Indiana in 1976. The statue stayed in Philly for 2 years before moving to NYC. It was then purchased and brought back to Philly and sits at @loveparkphillypermanently. The LOVE statue is undoubtedly one of the most iconic images of Philly.